Top 5 players with most duck in ODI’s

Cricket is game with most uncertainty, no matter how much good player you are, one ball can either turn the table towards you or can send you back in the dressing room.

It’s quite possible that every day might not belong to you.that is why we have seen the greatest cricketer even getting out on duck, either by a good ball or bad bad luck.

So we are going to share list of top 10 players with most ducks

here we go

1.Sanath Jaysuriya

Sanath Jayasuriya was one of the top-class allrounder that Srilanka has ever produced. not only that he was an aggressive player but he was known for his explosive batting too.

Jayasuriya was one of the finest allrounders in the Srilankan squad, he has scored over 12000 runs in international cricket but also captured over 300 wickets.

despite the facts that he was a great player, he is also a player with most duck’s in ODI’s
Jayasuriya got out 24 times at golden duck

2.Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom Afridi, Pakistan’s alrounder player who has been reitred from international cricket has made number of record, he was first player to score fastest 100 ever in the cricket history just on 37 balls. He is at no 6, in the list of most man of the match awards.

Shahid Afridi has 32 man of the match awards, while he also holds several other unique records as well

Afridi is player with second most duck in ODI matches,
He has 30 ducks at his record (second most)

3.Waseem Akram

Waseem Akram was Pakistan’s bowling allrounder player. He is known as King of swing.

He proved to be a nightmare for a batsman with pace, swing and aggression which fierce the batsman
Waseem Akram is often recognized as a bowler but he did bat too.He has scored 3717 runs in ODI’s

He is 3rd player on the list with most duck.
Waseem Akram got out 28 times of which 14 are golden.

4.Mahela Jaywardene

Mahela Jayawardene has been Sri Lanka’s one most of the most classy batsman, not in Sri Lanka only but he is equally praised all over the world.he is always hungry for scoring big runs, He is included in a list those who scored over 12000 ODI’ runs

Mahela Jaywardene has capability to play the spinners very well, he has played several match winning innings for the country

He is the 4th player to have the most number of ducks.
Mahela Jayawardene got out at duck for 28 times in ODI’s

5.Muttiah Murlidharan

No, you can’t just blame this man. Muttiah Murlidharan was an artist who knows the art to spin the bowl-like magicians. He knows how to play with the fingers, knocking Waseem Akram and Shane Warne out of the list he has captured over 800 wickets in international cricket. He was magician and yet he must not have regret to be the 5th player with most ducks.

Muralitharan got out at duck for 25 times in ODI’s

Its been noticed in the list of top 5 players with most ducks that all of them were great and renowned cricketer’s, they have lots of fan’s around the globe and the interesting thing is there are only Asian player as top 5 with most ducks.