Pakistan has produced a lot of quality fast bowlers, weather its Waseem Akram, Waqar Yonus, Aqib Javed or Sarfraz Nawaz, but one of the fastest bowlers in the cricketing world, Pakistan has ever produced is Shoaib Akhter, The Rawalpindi Express.

Shoaib Akhter has not even crossed the mark of 100mp/h for twice but he has set an official record to bowl at 161km/p fastest ball in cricket history.

Akhter was known for his deadly pace and bouncers, His bouncers have proven worst for many batsmen, he has sent many of them off the field.

Here is the list of top 3 bouncers of Shoaib Akhter bouncers.

1.Brain Lara

In 2004, Champion trophy semi-final match, Brain Lara became the victim of Shoaib’s lethal bouncer, that struck at his neck, and the great Brain Lara fell down on the ground.

Brain Lara was immediately taken to hospital after he fell unconscious, Shoaib Akhter also thanked that he didn’t die as it was just an inch away to hit on his skull bone.

2. Saurov Ganguly

Shoaib Akhter was very fast and furious, He was bowling Saurav Ganguly round the wicket.
Akhter has hit the ground with pace and ball hit the rib cage of the Indian captain, of which he fell down on the ground with pain.

This ball to Saurov proven very destructive as few of his rib cage bones were broken and even he had to take leave from the cricket for a couple of days.

3.Gary Kristen

South African opener batsman Gary Kristen was badly hurt by Shoaib Akhter by his brutal bouncer in a test match in 2003,

Shoaib Akhter went round the stumps, and bowled a short-pitched delivery, Gary Kristen went to hook it, but he missed it completely because of his sheer pace and the ball hit below the eyes, through his helmet.

Gary lie down on the ground and there was heavy bleeding. Later Gary got 12 stitches.

The Rawalpindi Express was nightmare for lot of batsmen, He retired from International Cricket after 2011 World Cup, and he has played his last ODI match against New Zealand