Pakistan Cricket Board insist BCB to play the both T20 series and Test match series in one go.

Bangladesh Cricket Board representative Nizam Ud Din said that,

Few of the players and coaching staff have shown concerns over security in Pakistan but at the same time 23 player have also registered for PSL 2020 knowing that the event will take place in Pakistan.

Thats why players, coaching staff and security team want to anylyze the security conditions and want to play T20 series in first half.

Bangladesh Cricket team, head coach, Russel Domingo quoted that he has no issue for visiting Pakistan, He said that he is willing to visit Pakistan if he is asked to.

While PCB has commited to provide a state level security to Bangladesh Team, as it was provided to Srilankan Cricket Team earlier.

Last year Bangladesh has also sent their Under-16 boys and also womens team as well

Pakistan Team Captian Azhar Ali said in the press conference that Bangladesh has no reason to show reservation over a tour to Pakistan.

T20 Series is just 3 weeks away.