Westindies star batsman Chris Gayle said that Pakistan is one of the safest countries.

West Indian star player who is currently playing from Chattogram Challengers in Bangladesh Premier League.

He has also denied any possibility of retirement. Gayle said that he can still play for 4 years and will try to retain the fitness to play for period.

The 40-year-old player said that fans want to see him in the ground and he loves cricket and passionate about it.

During the interview, a reporter asked him what does he thinks, Pakistan as a safer place for international cricket? in return, Chris Gayle said that Yes Pakistan is one of the safest countries.

Pakistan provides presidential-level security to cricket teams and it is as safe as Bangladesh.

After this statement of Chris Gayle, it has created more pressure on BCB for visiting Pakistan.

Moreover, Bangladesh Cricket team tour is scheduled this month where they have to play 2 tests and 3 T20I but BCB urged to split the tour into 2 halves.

though Pakistan Cricket Board has rejected the BCB proposal, According to the PCB, Bangladesh has to play both T20 and test match series otherwise Pakistan will not host only T20 series

According to BCB, the board will decide to tour Pakistan on 12 January.

Moreover, many of the Bangladeshi Cricketers have shown their consent for visiting Pakistan. Head Coach of Bangladesh Cricket team has also announced that he is ready to visit Pakistan if he is asked to.