English cricket county Somerset announce that star and T20 No 1. Batsman Babar Azam will be part of the team. He will be available from May to July.

After a great performance in the calendar year 2019, He will be playing for the Somerset in 2020 as well.

According to the English county club, Star batsman will be available from 28 May to 3 July for the tournament.

He will take part in the county championship.

In 2019 Babar Azam has been leading runs scorer in the T20 season. Youngster Babar Azam has scored 578 runs with average of 52.54 which also include 102 runs innings

Somerset club director Andy Hurry said that “Babar is the best player in T20 and his presence in the team will be a great addition”

He further said that Babar Azam back to back performances create great respect in the dressing room.

Andy says that Azam is not only praised by management but he is also renowned in players as well. He said that” we want to work with him in both formats”.

According to Somerset Babar Azam says that he has enjoyed his cricket there and he is excited for the coming season as well.

The test player further added that he will try this time also to get his team through knockout stages to final.

Classy Babar Azam has been emerged as a star player in all the formats of the cricket, while he ranks as No 1 player in T20 and No.3 in ODI and No.6 is test matches.

He is playing in test matches with an average of 42.67, 54.18 in ODI and 50.18 in T20 matches.